Our History - Vaiuso Farms - Connecticut Greenhouse Growers

Vaiuso Farms was started in 1927 when first generation Italian immigrants Joseph and Crescenzo Vaiuso purchased a sixty acre farm in Branford that had been a food producing farm since the 1800's.The Vaiuso brothers grew radishes, lettuce, and other vegetables but were known mainly for growing celery. For decades, the farm was referred to by many local residents as the "old celery farm".


Joseph's two sons Peter and Carl began working the farm with their father as time went on and were the architects for the start of the greenhouse operation. When Interstate 95 was constructed in the mid-fifties, nearly one-half of the farmland was needed to build the new road. The amount of remaining land was no longer enough to sustain the business by simply growing vegetables.


Peter and Carl began constructing greenhouses in the early sixties to diversify their business to include growing bedding and vegetable plants. Additional greenhouses were constructed almost annually. New greenhouse crops were added to fill the gaps. Growing mums in the fall, poinsettias at Christmas and spring bulbs for the Easter season. Even though they continued to farm and do to this day, the greenhouse growing became the major focus of their operation.


Over the past twenty five years, all the original greenhouses have been replaced with state of the art greenhouses that promote better growing conditions, heat and fuel efficiency, and water recycling.


Today, this modern facility continues to be family owned and operated by Joseph C., Joseph A., Peter Jr. and and along with fourth generation Marc and Chris, supplying quality plants year round to independent garden centers, florists and non-profits in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.















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